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Due to the Corona Virus, restaurants across the country where forced to close until further notice and are no longer allowed to serve their guests on site. That’s exactly why we decided to bring the cook of your choice to your kitchen. Together with the chef, you’ll prepare wonderful dishes easily and directly at home via live stream. The proceeds will go to the chef’s Restaurant or his Restaurant of choice.

Let’s make social distancing a win-win situation!




Everyday at the stated time a chef will zoom in live and help you to prepare a wonderful dinner.

  • Time required: approx. 1 hour of social cooking time

  • Cost: CHF 33 per participant

  • You buy in advance



The amount of CHF 33 is YOUR contribution to the local gastronomy, which can hardly survive this crisis without your support. The proceeds go directly to the operation of your heart! * 


Here we go! 

Click on the day and cook of your choice. After you have clicked on "Sign up", please select the number of participants/tickets. 

After successful payment we will send you your personal ZoomCode and the required shopping list.



Click on "Register cook / restaurant and send us the following information


  • Name of restaurant / chef

  • Your website / information regarding operation

  • Your name and phone number






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* We keep a share (CHF 1.-) to cover all administrative costs. In the event of a remaining balance at the end of all live stream sessions, the excess amount will go to the Fundaziun Uccelin Foundation in Fürstenau as a charitable donation.